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non-warrantable condo and condotel mortgages

News Release

By Jim Pendleton - Mr MortgageTM 

Over the last few weeks, a choice group of small banks and investment vehicles have toed the water a bit and re-opened the industry for non-warrantable and condotel mortgages. Rates run about a half-percent higher than a comparable conventional mortgages and the minimum downpayment for non-warrantable condo and condotel mortgages starts at 25 percent.

Beyond that, however, obtaining an approval is simple.

  1. Prove your income

 2. Prove your assets

 3. Prove your credit score

 That's it. Now, there are some creating considerations, as well, but they're not nearly as tough as what Fannie or Freddie will throw at you. And they're more geared toward making sure the creating is well-constructed non-warrantable condo and condotel mortgages and properly insured.

 Any reputable condo or condotel is going to pass those two tests.

 And even better -- mainly because approvals are being handled by small lenders and not Big Banks, loan approval times are decidedly quick. It's common to close on a condotel or non-warrantable condo in less than 30 days.

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Financing Non Warrantable condo's requires an expert.

Ask our client:    

"I looked all over for someone that would help me with my non-warrantable condo purchase- I contacted Mr Mortgage and they went to work and got my purchase done in three weeks. Amazing! Highly recomend Jim Pendleton, good guy to work with."

D. Hawthorne, CT